3. Keddleston Hall, short hikes and "The Proms" at Chatsworth



The next day my brother, John, arrived with his girl-friend Martine. We took a trip to Kedleston Hall about 30 miles South



We took a guided trip around the stables- room for 48 horses, their attendants, carriages, etc



And then looked around the house…









The church was right next door



Celebrating the Curzon family who had been Lords since 1066 when William the Conqueror had beaten the English. This is the oldest continually 'operating' family in England. Their motto, roughly translated, is "What we have, we keep"



The next day my sister Margaret and her husband Chris joined us and we three siblings spent the next week together



And we hiked up to the "surprise view" where the whole of the Hope Valley suddenly appers in view



Followed by a pub lunch



After lunch we drove to Monsal Head which overlooks Monsal Dale and the river Wye with a beautiful viaduct that used to take the railway across to Buxton. The railway was cancelled and now there is a paved twenty mile hike/bike trail



And walked down to the river



Monsal Dale itself is a fantastic fly-fishing haven with walks alongside the river



…Later to Lathkill Dale which I think is the prettiest of all with a litle river with lots of weirs and clear pools



The elder brother stoically ignored the tricks played by the younger siblings when they put sticky Goose-Grass on his back



The younger brother pitched in to help



On Friday, Chatsworth Hall was hosting a "Prom" which is an orchestral concert series started in 1895 modeled on the Boston Pops.It was only three miles away so we all jumped into our car and off we went



Unfortunately the event is outdoors and the weather man did not cooperate



But we all had a great time



The show ended with the obligatory fireworks

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