Poem by Sister Lily when Maud was born

"The Firstborn"

On a glorious day the 6th of June,
When field & wood were all in time
And everything was at its best,
To South Lodge Farnley there came a guest
The guest - a girl - and oh so bonnie
To the fond young parents who had not any
Their hearts were filled with exceeding joy
And not once did they wish it had been a boy
The mother with love in her beautiful eyes
looked down and smiled at her worthy prize
While the Father with joy unable to tell
How he felt because things had passed off so well

But alas from that day the 6th of June
The family trials began to loom
And e're a couple of weeks had passed
The fatherly cares fell thick and fast
For this came about:-
The child would scream & sometimes cry out,
The Mother would rock and nurse and shake
With Grandma's help for baby's sake
But when the treatment had no effect
Then the Father was sent - immediate - direct
In search of a medicine that would quell
Their precious darling's terrible spell
He then met his friend who strongly advised
That Mrs Winslow's should be tried
This of course purchased and put to the test
And both considered it hte very best
But alas no sooner than the spell subsided
When appearance of thrush had thus coincided
Again the parents minds were ?
To consider what medicine best would act
Borax and Honey was then suggested
And tincture of Myrrh was also requested
They purchased them both & gone by instruction
Much to their joy and great satisfaction
But they heard of one which outstood from them all
I think Nurse Harvey was what it was called
But how to get it? that was the task
For Monday morning the Dad was at work

But since that day someone wrote me & said
That Nurse Harvey was purchased and instructions read
So I expect after all the remedies tried
The baby will thrive and the thrush will have died

But alas !! what a difference a baby does make
And what a high place in their thoughts it takes
But I'm sure of this so great is their joy
That the duty is lost and all hours are employed
To make it as happy as happy can be
And train it in ways for Eternity

But Oh delightful to have such an one
To cherish - and love - and call your own
The writer wishes you all that good
For the precious gift that wa sent from God

As the years roll by I shall not forget
The friends at South Lodge and their dear little pet
And the next time I speak to the Farnley Scholars
I trust that your "Maud" may be one of my learners

Sister Lily