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Edward Hudson

John Edward

George Turner

John Edward's
other children

Philip Edward

Richard Frank

Olive Mary

Scotts & Givens's


Other Pictures

Picture Album

We have hundreds of other pictures from our family history. A big thanks is due to Paul for scanning these in.

To make it easy to browse through, they are all screen-sized, arranged in date order and are divided into several categories. A picture with several people in it may appear in multiple categories.

YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to add your historical pictures - mail or email them to Peter at peter@schofieldfamily.com or 3022 Fall Mist Drive, San Antonio, TX 78247, USA

The categories are:
George Turner Schofield
Frank Schofield, including Keith and Joan
Philip Schofield including Maud
Mary Schofield
Peter, John and Margaret
Paul, Mark, Heidi and Kathryn
Other Pictures including houses, pictures of relatives not categorized above

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