Our Schofield Family History

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Other Pictures including houses, pictures of relatives not categorized below
Pictures of George Turner Schofield
Pictures of Frank Schofield, Keith and Joan
Pictures of Philip Schofield
Pictures of Mary Schofield
Pictures of Peter, John and Margaret
Pictures of Paul, Mark and Heidi

"Other" Section

Contains three sections:

Schofields before GT

GT's father was John Edward who married Elizabeth Ann Bickerdike a.k.a. Grandma Schofield

The major players of John Edward's Other Children in our life were Ann (married Arnold Toothill) and Harry



IMG10058.jpg - 1885

Grandma Schofield age 31



IMG10063.jpg - 1887

John Edward Schofield age 31



IMG10071.jpg - 1891




IMG10053.jpg - 1896?

Ethel Schofield, eldest sister of GT



IMG10055.jpg - 1906?

Harry, Nellie, Ann, Arnold



IMG10070.jpg - 1915?

Florence (Florrie) Beale, GT's second wife



IMG10032.jpg - 1916 Apl

Arnold Toothill (uniform) and Ann Schofield get married. Philip and Frank are pageboys?



IMG10059.jpg - 1920?

Peggy, Nellie, John, Ann, Joyce, Arnold



IMG10057.jpg - 1925?

Joyce and Grandma Schofield at FieldSide House



IMG10056.jpg - 1930?

Grandma Schofield



IMG10060.jpg - 1930?

John Harry, Nellie, Peggy



IMG10054.jpg - 1931

Elizabeth Anne Bickerdike Schofield (Grandma Schofield) on Xmas day - age 76



IMG20039.jpg - 1932??

Time for a theatre production. Maud at left, Joyce as Principal Boy. The summerhouse at Farnley Hall is in the background



IMG10026.jpg - 1936?

Back- GT, Florrie, Nellie Hepworth, Harry Hepworth, Center- Maud, Kitty Parminter, Mary, Nellie; Front- Philip, Etienne Davae (French Visitor), Frank



IMG50040.jpg - 1940 July

Peter at 1 year 4 months with Philip and Jean in Landudno, Wales



IMG50046.jpg - 1940 Family Gathering in Sprotborough

Rev Charlesworth, Florrie, GT, Jim, Mary, Harry, Nellie, Nora



IMG10001.jpg - 1942

Joyce Toothill and Jeff Newsome. Joyce is GT's niece. Arnold Toothill is the tallest at the back. Keith (left) and Peter are Page Boys. Mary's favorite story is that Keith was told to walk behind Joyce in the aisle and replied -I want to walk befront-



IMG10029.jpg - 1942

Wedding of Jean Widlake and John Schofield (son of Harry). Peter and Keith were pageboys, Peggy (John's sister) is next to right



IMG10064.jpg - 1942

Jeff in uniform and Joyce Wedding. Arnold and Ann to the right, Jeff's father and mother to the left



IMG30066.jpg - 1943

Joyce's Wedding. Peter and Keith as page boys



IMG10049.jpg - 1946?

Joyce, Alice (John Eddie's wife) and John Eddie at Blackpool



IMG10015.jpg - 1947

Harry's house in Reading (GT's brother, back - GT, Mary, Harry; front-Florrie, Nellie



IMG10042.jpg - 1952?

Frank, Florrie, Joan, GT, Mary, Nellie



IMG10039.jpg - 1970?

Anne and Arnold Toothill 50th or 60th Anniversary?



IMG30114.jpg - 1961 Feb

Harry, Nellie, Arnold, Ann, Florrie, GT in the back garden on Butt Lane



IMG20069.jpg - 1980?

Outside 44 The Quadrant, Totley. Arnold Toothill, Joyce, Philip, Margaret, Nellie?, Margaret's boyfriend, Mary (behind), Jean, Ann, Geoff



IMG30119.jpg - 1988?

Jean (Philip's cousin by marriage) in the back garden of 44 The Quadrant

Ann's daughter is Joyce who married Jeff Newsome. Harry and his wife Peggy had John who married Auntie Jean

Maud's Ancestors

Nora, Maud's mother, married Jim Scott. Jim's grandmother (Granny Scott) and her daughter Aunt Polly were the only relatives of Jim's that were close.
Nora had seven siblings, Annie who married Thomas Shuttleworth and John Willie were the close ones. Her mother, Hannah, was called Grandma Givens. Hannah's sister was Aunt Mary Jane and her daughters were maggie and Minnie who were close.

Pictures of Maud are under the heading for Philip



IMG30147.jpg - 1888

Nora's Birth Certificate



IMG30141.jpg - 1890

John Willie Givens



IMG40003.jpg - 1892?

Jim Scott, his Grandmother Granny Scott, his father Rushton Scott and Rushtons sister Aunt Polly



IMG30143.jpg - 1895?

Aunt Polly, married to John Willie Givens, Nora's brother



IMG30139.jpg - 1895?

Elizabeth Ann Givens, grandchild of grandma givens



IMG30145.jpg - 1895?

Alfred Givens and his wife Hannah - Grandma Givens



IMG30144.jpg - 1899?

Nora with her parents, Granma Givens and Alfred Givens outside Littlewood Cottage, their home



IMG30171.jpg - 1899??

Nora Givens outside Littlewood Cottage



IMG30149.jpg - 1900?

Alfred Givens and Grandma Givens



IMG30154.jpg - 1900?

Bert Calvert



IMG30160.jpg - 1900??

Great Aunt Polly Scott



IMG30164.jpg - 1900

Aunt Mary Jane (married Sam Perkins, children Maggie and Minnie, kept the Stonebridge Inn) and her sister Grandma Givens



IMG30165.jpg - 1900

Maud Scott (Jim's sister)



IMG30166.jpg - 1900

Maud Scott (Jim's sister). The back says 'to Jas Scott, No 19 Cobden Terrace, Farnley, Nr. Leeds'



IMG30140.jpg - 1901

New Year's card from John Willie Givens, probably to Elizabeth Ann Givens, his sister



IMG30159.jpg - 1902?

Maggie Calvert



IMG30167.jpg - 1902

Great Aunt Polly Scott (who owned a pocket watch I now have)



IMG30169.jpg - 1904?

Nora Givens



IMG30170.jpg - 1905?

Nora Givens



IMG30150.jpg - 1902?

Maggie Calvert



IMG30146.jpg - 1906?

Alfred Givens, Nora and Hannah outside littlewood Cottage



IMG30168.jpg - 1904?

Jim Scott



IMG30142.jpg - 1905

Cyril Shuttleworth, Nora's nephew (but only a few years younger



IMG30157.jpg - 1905?

Auntie Maggie Calvert



IMG30151.jpg - 1910?

Cyril Shuttleworth



IMG30161.jpg - 1910?

Nora, Jim, Thomas Givens and his wife Emily (nee Perkins)



IMG40002.jpg - 1910?

Lawrence Long (friend of Jim) and Nora



IMG30162.jpg - 1911

Group in front of the gates to Farnley Hall. Jim and Nora's Cottage is behind the wall to the right.Far left is Grandma Annie Shuttleworth, far right at the back is her husband, Middle seated is Aunt Polly with Jim Scott and Nora beside her



IMG30152.jpg - 1912?

Jim Scott



IMG30153.jpg - 1912

Nora and Jim's Wedding Cake made by Aunt Polly. The top layer, according to tradition was kept for Maud's christening



IMG30173.jpg - 1912

Wedding Certificate - Jim and Nora



IMG30148.jpg - 1913

Grandma Givens and Maud



IMG30158.jpg - 1920

At the corner of Park Wall; Sherlock, Nora, Mary Grayson (Bessie's elder sister), Lizzie Ann, ?, Maud, Kathleen Best, Wilfred Best



IMG20044.jpg - 1920??

Elizabeth Givens, Nora's cousin



IMG20052.jpg - 1933

The local Cricket Club. Jim Scott bottom left



IMG10044.jpg - 1937

Family gathering at Sprotborough. C218 Nora?, Nellie (Harry's wife)?, Harry. Rev Ed Charlesworth, Jim Scott, GT, Florrie, Mary



IMG20045.jpg - 1937

Postcard from Cyril (Nora's Nephew) to Alice (24 Wolley Ave) sent in Mar 1938. Philip and Maud just married



IMG50024.jpg - 1938

Philip, Maud, Nora and Jim at Happy Mount Park (Morecombe)



IMG50025.jpg - 1938

Jim, Nora and Maud on the Front at Morecombe



IMG10048.jpg - 1939

Joyce, Grandma Schofield and Ann



IMG30218.jpg - 1939?

Philip, Maud, Nora, Jim



IMG30295.jpg - 1939

Nora and Peter in the front room at Hill Top



IMG30155.jpg - 1940?

Maud, Sid Thompson, Kathleed Chekley(bride), Jim, Nora



IMG50046.jpg - 1940 Family Gathering in Sprotborough

Rev Charlesworth, Florrie, GT, Jim, Mary, Harry, Nellie, Nora



IMG50054.jpg - 1942

Peter, Jim



IMG30064.jpg - 1943

Nora Scott, Peter and Jim Scott in their front garden



IMG30219.jpg - 1943

Jim Scott goes for a walk



IMG30237.jpg - 1943

Nora, Peter and Jim on Lawns Lane



IMG10030.jpg - 1947

Olga, Daughter of Cyril Shuttleworth (on the Scott-Givens side)



IMG50070.jpg - 1949

Nora, Margaret, John at Filey



IMG50083.jpg - 1949

Picnic. Nora, Jim, Peter, John, Margaret, Philip



IMG10046.jpg - 1950?

Maggie Calvert, Nora's cousin. In back garden at 27 Lawns Lane after the chicken house was taken down



IMG30233.jpg - 1950

Philip, Margaret, Peter, John, Jim Scott and Nora



IMG30234.jpg - 1953

Jim and Nora in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30309.jpg - 1953?

Jim Scott baby sitting



IMG30214.jpg - 1950?

Maggie Calvert, Cousin to Nora. In the back garden of 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30224.jpg - 1951

In Sykes' Wood at Farnley. Margaret, Maud, Nora, Peter, Jim, John



IMG30313.jpg - 1953?

Jim, Margaret, John and Nora in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30156.jpg - 1964

John and Mal's wedding; Philip, Peter, Maud, Mal's Auntie Connie, Margaret, Nora, Mal, Christine, John, Mal's Grandmother, Mal's Brother, Nellie, John's friend Tony Heep, Mal's mother, Frank



IMG30228.jpg - 1963

Nora at her front door. Peter's Austin A40 outside



IMG30229.jpg - 1963

Nora in her back garden



IMG30231.jpg - 1963

Nora at her front door


GT lived in various houses and moved the name Woodgarth to each in turn

They were Upper Wortley Road, Armley Hill Top, Gamble Lane and Butt Lane. Auntie Mary moved Woodgarth to Water Lane after GT and Florrie had died.

Garth' is an old word for 'Garden'



IMG10011.jpg - 1920s

West Leeds High School. Marie (GTs first wife) taught there, Mary, Philip and Frank attended later



IMG10069.jpg - 1920?

Farnley Hall where GT and his father worked as secretary to the 'Lord of the Manor' Mr. Armitage



IMG20060.jpg - 1920

View from Whitehall Road down Lawns Lane. The large house on the left is the headmaster of the school. The school (attended by Peter in 1944)is behind and to the left of the houseThe single building to the left again is a billiard hall. The house on the left where the Lane disappears is 27 Lawns Lane - Nora and Jim's house



IMG30174.jpg - 1930?

New Farnley School where Peter attended



IMG10019.jpg - 1937

The first Woodgarth on Upper Wortley Road



IMG10038.jpg - 1937

The first Woodgarth on Upper Wortley Road



IMG10068.jpg - 1940

The second Woodgarth at Armley Hill Top



IMG50085.jpg - 1950

In the olden days, wells were very important ot a village as the only source of drinking water. As a result they were decorated once a year in a celebration - a Well Dressing



IMG10072.jpg - 1951

Old milepost by the side of the Roman Road in Farnley



IMG10074.jpg - 1951

Trough - used for horses in the olden days



IMG10035.jpg - 1955

Gilbertroyd from the Bridle Path. Field at left contains St Helens Well (Roman)



IMG10037.jpg - 1955

Farnley village from across the ringroad. The next day construction began and Bawn, Butterbowl and Cow Close Estates. Cow Close Farm is to the right, out of the picture



IMG30007.jpg - 1957?

Lathkill Dale in Derbyshire - a favorite bike ride for Peter



IMG10040.jpg - 1958 Jan

GT in front of the Old Schoolhouse on Bawn in Old Farnley. GT and Mary photographed most of Old Farnley just before the Leeds Corporation pulled it down to build new housing.C247



IMG10047.jpg - 1960?

Woodgarth, Gamble Lane



IMG10045.jpg - 1966

19 Nutting Grove just before it was demolished



IMG30008.jpg - 1979

The remodelling job at 300 Fawn

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Other Pictures including houses, pictures of relatives not categorized below
Pictures of George Turner Schofield
Pictures of Frank Schofield, Keith and Joan
Pictures of Philip Schofield
Pictures of Mary Schofield
Pictures of Peter, John and Margaret
Pictures of Paul, Mark and Heidi