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Pictures of Philip Edward Schofield

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Pictures of George Turner Schofield
Pictures of Frank Schofield, Keith and Joan
Pictures of Philip Schofield
Pictures of Mary Schofield
Pictures of Peter, John and Margaret
Pictures of Paul, Mark and Heidi

Philip Edward Schofield

Included are all the pictures of Maud



IMG30148.jpg - 1913

Grandma Givens and Maud



IMG10061.jpg - 1916

Maud in the garden of the round gatehouse up Lawns Lane



IMG10062.jpg - 1916

Maud with 'Guess' her dog. Of course people would ask her the name of the dog and she would answer 'Guess'. This could go on for a long time



IMG20050.jpg - 1914

Billy the Bulldog, Philip and Harold Hartley



IMG10025.jpg - 1915

Frank and Philip with Billy the Bull Dog



IMG10023.jpg - 1915

Philip in formal setting



IMG20048.jpg - 1915?

Frank, Billy the Bulldog, Philip



IMG20034.jpg - 1917

Nurse Lightowler, midwife, delivered Philip, Frank, Mary and Peter. When Mary was born the Doctor decided that she would not survive. Nurse Lightowler said 'not on my watch' and saved her.



IMG10016.jpg - 1918

Frank, Mary and Philip outside Farnley Hall. At the School Feast, a picnic for Sunday School attendees



IMG40001.jpg - 1918

Maud age 10 or 11. Possibly her birthday



IMG10012.jpg - 1919

Philip, Frank, Mary



IMG10013.jpg - 1919

Philip, Mary, Frank



IMG30281.jpg - 1924?




IMG10027.jpg - 1922 may

Frank, Mary, Philip



IMG30262.jpg - 1922

Maud in front of the old summer house at Farnley Hall



IMG30246.jpg - 1923

Maud - age ten and a half years



IMG30163.jpg - 1924




IMG10008.jpg - 1925

Philip and Frank, Ambleside, Lake District



IMG10010.jpg - 1925 Aug

Mary Philip and Frank at Hornsea. Note the bathing tent and the boys wearing school caps on the beach



IMG30267.jpg - 1930?




IMG30259.jpg - 1930?




IMG30260.jpg - 1928?

Maud in the round gate-keeper cottage probably with Guide trophies



IMG30275.jpg - 1929?

Maud in the round gate-keeper cottage probably with Guide trophies



IMG20033.jpg - 1930?

Maud. Possibly art projects on a piano stool



IMG30266.jpg - 1929

Fooling around



IMG20040.jpg - 1929

Philip on the left



IMG30284.jpg - 1933?




IMG30235.jpg - 1933 Sept

Philip at the seaside - Morecombe



IMG30283.jpg - 1930?

Maud in Guide Lieutenant uniform in the back garden of 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30220.jpg - 1930?

Maud was a lieutenant in the Guides (Girl Scouts)



IMG30236.jpg - 1931 Easter

Philip picnicking



IMG30250.jpg - 1932?




IMG30258.jpg - 1932 Sept

Philip and Frank at Morecombe



IMG20039.jpg - 1932??

Time for a theatre production. Maud at left, Joyce as Principal Boy



IMG10004.jpg - 1933

Philip and Maud, Happy Mount Park, Easter



IMG30329.jpg - 1933?




IMG30256.jpg - 1933 Aug

Philip at Whitby



IMG20003.jpg - 1933

Philip and Maud - Italian Garden at Scarborough



IMG30251.jpg - 1934?

Philip (above) and Frank



IMG10041.jpg - 1935?

Philip and GT



IMG30192.jpg - 1935?

Maud and Philip on board the Duchess of Montrose, a paddle steamer built in 1902 for excursions on the River Clyde



IMG30332.jpg - 1935?

Philip and Maud. No, I don't know what they were doing!



IMG50003.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50004.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50005.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation. The 'seaside resort' which is full board bed and breakfast



IMG50006.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50007.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50008.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50009.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG50010.jpg - 1935

Port Erin (Isle of Man between England and Ireland) on vacation



IMG10026.jpg - 1936?

Back- GT, Florrie, Nellie Hepworth, Harry Hepworth, Center- Maud, Kitty Parminter, Mary, Nellie; Front- Philip, Etienne Davae (French Visitor), Frank



IMG20046.jpg - 1936?

Jack and Dora Illingworth, Maud and Philip Schofield



IMG50011.jpg - 1936

Bournemouth on the South Coast- The resort 'Adelphi Court'



IMG50012.jpg - 1936

Dartmoor, home of the Baskerville Hounds



IMG50013.jpg - 1936

Oddicombe on the South Coast



IMG50014.jpg - 1936

Pleasure steamer on the River Dart



IMG50015.jpg - 1936

Torquay promenade



IMG50016.jpg - 1936

Torquay promenade



IMG50017.jpg - 1936

The Austin 'JO' that they travelled all over the country in



IMG10018.jpg - 1937

Day before Philip/Maud wedding. Philip, Rev Ed Charlesworth, Frank, GT, Mary, Maud, Florrie with Keith? And ?



IMG20036.jpg - 1937

Philip and Maud's wedding. GT, Florrie, Rev Ed Charlesworth, Joyce, Jack Hepworth, Nellie, Frank, Philip, Maud, John Schofield, Mary Large (Maud's pal), Jack illingworth, Mary, Jim Scott, Nora.Front row: Sheila Best, Olga Shuttleworth, Barbara Givens



IMG30202.jpg - 1937



IMG30203.jpg - 1937



IMG50018.jpg - 1937

Honeymoon transportation on Sark, one of the Channel Island between England and France



IMG50019.jpg - 1937

Grand Greve



IMG50020.jpg - 1937

More Sark



IMG10031.jpg - 1938

Maud and Philip on summer holiday in Morecambe with their trusty Ford



IMG50021.jpg - 1938

Glen Affric in Scotland. A nice British road-side picnic



IMG50022.jpg - 1938

Oban - the ferry for the Isle of Mull leaves from here



IMG50023.jpg - 1938

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland - basaltic columns



IMG50024.jpg - 1938

Philip, Maud, Nora and Jim at Happy Mount Park (Morecombe)



IMG50025.jpg - 1938

Jim, Nora and Maud on the Front at Morecombe



IMG50026.jpg - 1938

Maud, Philip in Heysham Gardens near Morecombe



IMG50027.jpg - 1938

Barnbrock Campsite in Scotland



IMG30261.jpg - 1939?

Maud at 27 Lawns Lane



IMG20015.jpg - 1939

Peter and Philip just before Philip went to the war



IMG20032.jpg - 1939

Maud, Peter, Philip at Armley hilltop Woodgarth



IMG30218.jpg - 1939?

Philip, Maud, Nora, Jim



IMG30287.jpg - 1939

Philip, Maud and Peter at Filey



IMG50029.jpg - 1939

Philip and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50030.jpg - 1939

Philip and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50031.jpg - 1939

Maud and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50032.jpg - 1939 July

Philip, Peter, Maud, Nellie, Keith, Frank at Hornsea on the East Coast



IMG50033.jpg - 1939 July

Peter, Maud, Nellie, Keith



IMG50034.jpg - 1939 July

Philip, Peter, Keith, Frank



IMG10009.jpg - 1940

Maud, Peter, Philip in the back garden at Armley Hilltop



IMG10022.jpg - 1940

Peter, Philip, Maud. Back Garden of Armley Hill Top



IMG20035.jpg - 1940

Philip (top left) at war



IMG20037.jpg - 1940

Philip still at war - top right



IMG50040.jpg - 1940 July

Peter at 1 year 4 months with Philip and Jean in Landudno, Wales



IMG50042.jpg - 1940 july

Peter and Philip. Chasing seagulls?



IMG50043.jpg - 1940 July

Picnic on Llanberis Pass, Wales



IMG50048.jpg - 1940

The next Ford



IMG50049.jpg - 1940 Easter

Maud, Philip, Florrie, Mary, GT



IMG50050.jpg - 1940

Philip, Peter, Maud



IMG50051.jpg - 1940

Philip, Peter, Maud



IMG50053.jpg - 1940

Maud, Peter



IMG30277.jpg - 1941

Philip on the left



IMG30286.jpg - 1941?




IMG30190.jpg - 1942 Sept

Philip (center) in Valetta, Malta



IMG30272.jpg - 1942 Jan

Philip on card sent to Peter 'A big hug and ever so much love from daddy'



IMG30278.jpg - 1942

Philip is the one with the Maltese palm tree growing out of his head



IMG10017.jpg - 1942

Philip (in front of tree) in Malta during the war



IMG20053.jpg - 1942

Letter from Philip to Mary when he was in Malta during the war. Notice that the war-time censor didn't like all of the content.



IMG20054.jpg - 1942

Page 2 of the letter



IMG20055.jpg - 1942

…And the envelope - Mary was in the Land Army and living on a farm



IMG30189.jpg - 1942

Peter and Maud



IMG30299.jpg - 1942

Peter and Maud



IMG30331.jpg - 1942

Maud, Peter



IMG30199.jpg - 1943 May

Philip in Tel Aviv



IMG30211.jpg - 1943 May

Philip is third from right. Mosque of Omar on the site of the Jerusalem Temple



IMG30325.jpg - 1943

Maud and Peter outside 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30020.jpg - 1944?

Philip, home from the war



IMG50058.jpg - 1945

Peter, Maud, Philip



IMG50059.jpg - 1945

Auntie and Mrs Wimpress who hosted the RAF Methodists in Weston Colville



IMG50060.jpg - 1945

Philip more or less in uniform



IMG50061.jpg - 1945

Maud and Madge who was Philips friend in the RAF and became a long-time family friend



IMG30195.jpg - 1947

Peter, John, Maud, Philip



IMG30239.jpg - 1948

John and Maud



IMG30253.jpg - 1948

John and Philip



IMG50064.jpg - 1948

John and Philip



IMG50065.jpg - 1948

Peter, John and Philip at Filey



IMG30196.jpg - 1949

Family gathering at Rosemont: Mary, Jim Scott, Nora, Peter, Maud, Philip,Joan, Margaret, Florrie, John, GT, Grandma Smith, Frank, Keith, Nellie



IMG30205.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Philip, Maud, John, Peter



IMG30303.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud and John in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30327.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud, John in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50071.jpg - 1949

John, Maud, Peter in a rubber dinghy



IMG50072.jpg - 1949

Our 'trailer' for a week at Skipsea on the East Coast



IMG50073.jpg - 1949

John and Philip



IMG50074.jpg - 1949

Margaret and madge at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50075.jpg - 1949

Peter and John on a roundabout



IMG50076.jpg - 1949

John and Philip



IMG50078.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud, John, Philip at Toad's Mouth



IMG50080.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Madge, Peter, John at 103



IMG50083.jpg - 1949

Picnic. Nora, Jim, Peter, John, Margaret, Philip



IMG10005.jpg - 1950

Philip, Margaret, John, Maud, Peter, Keith. Probably Toads Mouth Derbys



IMG30201.jpg - 1950??

Frank, Nellie, Maud, Philip



IMG30233.jpg - 1950

Philip, Margaret, Peter, John, Jim Scott and Nora



IMG50087.jpg - 1950

Peter, Maud and Margaret at Filey



IMG30005.jpg - 1952

Peter, John, Maud, Margaret, Philip



IMG30291.jpg - 1952?

Peter, Maud, John, Philip, Margaret



IMG30217.jpg - 1954

Philip, Peter, Margaret, Maud, John



IMG30227.jpg - 1953

On Totley Moors. Madge, Margaret, Maud, John, Peter



IMG30285.jpg - 1954

John, Maud, Peter, Philip, Margaret



IMG30289.jpg - 1952?

John, Philip, Margaret, Maud in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30290.jpg - 1952?

John, Philip, in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30314.jpg - 1953

Probably at Northfleet visiting Auntie Madge. Madge, Peter, Philip, John. Maud, Margaret, Sid (Madge's brother)



IMG30215.jpg - 1953

Margaret, Peter, Philip and John



IMG30316.jpg - 1953?

Peter, Maud, Margaret, Philip, John



IMG30242.jpg - 1955?

Margaret, John, Philip at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight. The cliffs are hard sand with veins of all colors - wonderful for making sand pictures



IMG30296.jpg - 1955

Philip, Keith, John, Maud, Margaret, Peter, Nellie, Joan



IMG30321.jpg - 1955?

John, Peter, Maud, Philip, Margaret on the road just outside 44 The Quadrant



IMG50063.jpg - 1955

Maud, John, Margaret and Philip at Stonehenge



IMG20059.jpg - 1956?

Philip ran the local MAYC youth club. We had a five-a-side football tournament and our club represented the North of England in the finals played in the Royal Albert Hall (think Madison Square Gardens). Peter was Goalie.Philip has an overcoat with his back to the camera



IMG30230.jpg - 1958

GT, John in his new school uniform, Florrie, Philip, Margaret, Maud, Peter, Nora



IMG30208.jpg - 1960



IMG30282.jpg - 1960?

Maud in light gray. Probably a Women's Fellowship Tea



IMG30264.jpg - 1961?

A typical summer day on the moors :-). Colin Morgan, Lena Morgan, Maud, Margaret, Philip, John, Arthur Morgan



IMG30156.jpg - 1962

John and Mal's wedding; Philip, Peter, Maud, Mal's Auntie Connie, Margaret, Nora, Mal, Christine, John, ?, ?, Nellie, John's friend Tony Heep, Mal's mother, Frank



photos08.jpg - 1987

Maud at a Seattle restaurant



IMG30206.jpg - 1972



IMG20069.jpg - 1980?

Outside 44 The Quadrant, Totley. Arnold Toothill. Joyce, Philip, Margaret, Nellie, Margaret's boyfriend Michael Faulk, Mary (behind), Jean, Ann, Geoff



IMG30032.jpg - 1987??

Philip and Maud in the front room at 44 The Quadrant



photos30.jpg - 1982?

At Woodlands Park Zoo in Seattle. ?, Kathryn, Maud



IMG30373.jpg - 1983??

Margaret's Wedding at Totley Rise Chapel. John, Rufus (partial) Heidi, Ishy, Kathryn, Chris Dickson, Roberta, Katie, Margaret, Peter, ?, Sarah, Hannah?, ?, Rufus, Philip, Maud



photos10.jpg - 1983

Going to dinner at the Maynard Arms in Derbyshire. Roberta, Peter, Mark, Maud



photos14.jpg - 1983

Dinner at Maynard Arms in Derbyshire. Philip, Roberta, Maud, Peter



photos16.jpg - 1983

Glen Row at Traquair. Rufus, John, Maud, Peter, Mark, Roberta, Ishy, Baby Hannah,Sarah's boyfriend, Hanna in front and Sarah



photos17.jpg - 1986

At the Vancouver World Fair. Roberta, Kathryn, Maud, Heidi, Peter



photos20.jpg - 1986

Vancouver. Maud, Heidi, Kathryn, Peter



photos26.jpg - 1987

50th wedding anniversary at Tahoe. Philip, Maud, Christine, Roberta, Margaret, Ruben, Katie, Roberta, Peter



IMG30191.jpg - 1987

Maud with the house cat at Bellevue



photos07.jpg - 1987

Philip's last visit to the US. Peter, Kathryn, Philip and Maud in Seattle



IMG30183.jpg - 1997

Roberta, Maud, Peter ni Shilshole



IMG50002.jpg - 1997

Golden Wedding in Reno. Katie, Ruben, Margaret, Maud, Philip, Roberta, Peter, Christine.
Gomer Pyle was the comedian and came down to see us. ($50 to the waiter!)He made the mistake of holding the mike near Philip who immediately seized it and went into a comic monologue of his own, upstaging the paid help.

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