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Pictures of Peter, John and Margaret Schofield

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Peter, Margaret and John



IMG20060.jpg - 1920

View from Whitehall Road down Lawns Lane. The large house on the left is the headmaster of the school. The school (attended by Peter in 1944)is behind and to the left of the houseThe single building to the left again is a billiard hall. The house on the left at the top of the picture where the Lane disappears is 27 Lawns Lane - Nora and Jim's house



IMG30174.jpg - 1930?

New Farnley School where Peter attended



IMG50035.jpg - 1939

It's Easy - Nine and a half months



IMG20015.jpg - 1939

Peter and Philip just before Philip went to the war



IMG20032.jpg - 1939

Maud, Peter, Philip at Armley hilltop Woodgarth



IMG30006.jpg - 1939

Peter in the back garden at Hill Top Woodgarth



IMG30279.jpg - 1939

New Peter



IMG30287.jpg - 1939

Philip, Maud and Peter at Filey



IMG30295.jpg - 1939

Nora and Peter in the front room at Hill Top



IMG30298.jpg - 1939

Peter in his pram (Perambulator)



IMG50028.jpg - 1939

Nurse Lightowler and Peter (9 days old)



IMG50029.jpg - 1939

Philip and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50030.jpg - 1939

Philip and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50031.jpg - 1939

Maud and Peter at 3 weeks old



IMG50032.jpg - 1939 July

Philip, Peter, Maud, Nellie, Keith, Frank at Hornsea on the East Coast



IMG50033.jpg - 1939 July

Peter, Maud, Nellie, Keith



IMG50034.jpg - 1939 July

Philip, Peter, Keith, Frank



IMG50041.jpg - 1940 July




IMG50045.jpg - 1940 July




IMG50047.jpg - 1940

Elmwood, the house Peter was born in



IMG50052.jpg - 1940

Peter. The war has now started and Philip has gone



IMG10007.jpg - 1940 Apl

Formal photo of Keith (left) and Peter



IMG10009.jpg - 1940

Maud, Peter, Philip in the back garden at Armley Hilltop



IMG10022.jpg - 1940

Peter, Philip, Maud. Back Garden of Armley Hill Top



IMG30176.jpg - 1940

Keith, Gyp and Peter at hill Top.



IMG30301.jpg - 1940

Peter. Probably on a trip to Morecombe when Philip was being sent overseas



IMG30307.jpg - 1940

Peter riding on Gyp outside 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30371.jpg - 1940

We all had National Registration Cards. This was issued in 1940 and addresses were updated - the last update was 1948 when we moved to Green Oak Road



IMG50038.jpg - 1940

Peter at one year, Keith 7 months older (he still is) and Frank



IMG50039.jpg - 1940

Peter 1 year 2 months



IMG50040.jpg - 1940 July

Peter at 1 year 4 months with Philip and Jean in Landudno, Wales



IMG50042.jpg - 1940 july

Peter and Philip. Chasing seagulls?



IMG50043.jpg - 1940 July

Picnic on Llanberis Pass, Wales



IMG50044.jpg - 1940 July




IMG50050.jpg - 1940

Philip, Peter, Maud



IMG50051.jpg - 1940

Philip, Peter, Maud



IMG50052.jpg - 1940

Peter. The war has now started and Philip has gone



IMG50053.jpg - 1940

Maud, Peter



IMG20019.jpg - 1941

Peter on the train built by Jim Scott, his Grandfather



IMG30210.jpg - 1941

Christmas present from Jim Scott to Peter - all hand-made. Note the lovely 'net' curtains in the front window of 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30273.jpg - 1941




IMG50054.jpg - 1942

Peter, Jim



IMG50056.jpg - 1942

Florrie, Peter, GT



IMG10001.jpg - 1942

Joyce Toothill and Jeff Newsome. Joyce is GT's niece. Arnold Toothill is the tallest at the back. Keith (left) and Peter are Page Boys. Mary''s favorite story is that Keith was told to walk behind Joyce in the aisle and replied -I want to walk befront-



IMG10029.jpg - 1942

Wedding of Jean Widlake and John Schofield (son of Harry). Peter and Keith were pageboys, Peggy (John's sister) is next to right



IMG20049.jpg - 1942

Peter with yacht built by his grandfather, Jim Scott



IMG30002.jpg - 1942

Peter in his pageboy uniform for weddings - 3yrs 3mos



IMG30029.jpg - 1942 June

Maud and page boy Peter



IMG30189.jpg - 1942

Peter and Maud



IMG30268.jpg - 1942

Peter, looking none too sure of things and Jim Scott



IMG30299.jpg - 1942

Peter and Maud



IMG30308.jpg - 1942

Maud and Peter



IMG30310.jpg - 1942

Maud and Peter



IMG30331.jpg - 1942

Maud, Peter



IMG30293.jpg - 1942 Aug

Mr Gibson and Peter ready to open the hive



IMG30232.jpg - 1942 Aug

Peter with Mr. Gibson who lived 'across the yard' and was a bee-keeper



IMG30016.jpg - 1943

Peter in conductor uniform



IMG30030.jpg - 1943

Peter in the front garden at 27 Lawns Lane. That year we had three feet of snow so an overcoat was useful



IMG30064.jpg - 1943

Nora Scott, Peter and Jim Scott in their front garden



IMG30066.jpg - 1943

Joyce's Wedding. Peter and Keith as page boys



IMG30237.jpg - 1943

Nora, Peter and Jim on Lawns Lane



IMG30325.jpg - 1943

Maud and Peter outside 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30333.jpg - 1943

Peter, Maud



IMG50057.jpg - 1943

Bubbles and Peter where Mary was working in the Land Army



IMG30004.jpg - 1943

Peter with 'bus conductor' paraphenalia - the English equivalent of being a fireman. Note the wheelbarrow (made by Grandad Scott) for helping with heavy gardening



IMG50055.jpg - 1943

This was coloured by Mary



IMG20061.jpg - 1944?

Peter playing cricket



IMG30025.jpg - 1944

Peter with the yacht Grandad Scott made



IMG30028.jpg - 1944

Peter's Tricycle. One of my first rides was a mile to Old Farnley along Lawns Lane which has a short, steep hill at the end. I didn't know how to use the brake and was rescued by a policement in the intersection at the bottom of the hill



IMG30076.jpg - 1944

Peter and Jim Scott



IMG30077.jpg - 1944

Florrie, Peter and GT at 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30098.jpg - 1944

Joyce and Geoff's Wedding, Keith and Peter in front



IMG30240.jpg - 1944

Peter playing cricket in 'the yard' outside 27 Lawns Lane



IMG30243.jpg - 1944

Peter on his train - built by Jim Scott



IMG30322.jpg - 1944

Pete on his tricycle



IMG50058.jpg - 1945

Peter, Maud, Philip



IMG50062.jpg - 1945

Southport. Peter riding a two-wheeler for the very first time



IMG30017.jpg - 1946

Proud big brother Peter with John



IMG30195.jpg - 1946

Peter, John, Maud, Philip



IMG20025.jpg - 1947

Peter and John at Filey



IMG50079.jpg - 1948

Peter, John, Joan, Keith in the summerhouse at Woodgarth, 57 Gamble Lane. The summerhouse could be rotated on a circular steel track to take maximum advantage of the English sun!



IMG30021.jpg - 1948

Peter on the locomotive in Peasholm Park, Scarborough



IMG30239.jpg - 1948

John and Maud



IMG30253.jpg - 1948

John and Philip



IMG30297.jpg - 1948

103 Green Oak Road



IMG50064.jpg - 1948

John and Philip



IMG50065.jpg - 1948

Peter, John and Philip at Filey



IMG50066.jpg - 1948




IMG30196.jpg - 1949

Family gathering at Rosemont: Mary, Jim Scott, Nora, Peter, Maud, Philip,Joan, Margaret, Florrie, John, GT, Grandma Smith, Frank, Keith, Nellie



IMG30205.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Philip, Maud, John, Peter



IMG30300.jpg - 1949?

Elizabeth Martin, Jennifer Martin, ?, John, ? In Totley outside the next door neighbour's house



IMG30303.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud and John in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30305.jpg - 1949




IMG30306.jpg - 1949

Peter and John. I don't know about the black eye



IMG30327.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud, John in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50067.jpg - 1949

Margaret and John



IMG50069.jpg - 1949

John, Philip, Margaret at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50069.jpg - 1949

John, Philip, Margaret at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50070.jpg - 1949

Nora, Margaret, John at Filey



IMG50071.jpg - 1949

John, Maud, Peter in a rubber dinghy



IMG50072.jpg - 1949

Out 'trailer' for a week at Skipsea on the East Coast



IMG50073.jpg - 1949

John and Philip



IMG50074.jpg - 1949

Margaret and madge at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG50076.jpg - 1949

John and Philip



IMG50078.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Maud, John, Philip at Toad's Mouth



IMG50080.jpg - 1949

Margaret, Madge, Peter, John at 103



IMG50081.jpg - 1949




IMG50083.jpg - 1949

Picnic. Nora, Jim, Peter, John, Margaret, Philip



IMG10005.jpg - 1950

Philip, Margaret, John, Maud, Peter, Keith. Probably Toads Mouth Derbys



IMG20016.jpg - 1950

John and Margaret (on the left!)



IMG30003.jpg - 1950

Peter in his new King Edward VII School uniform



IMG30111.jpg - 1950

Peter outside the back door of 103 Green Oak Drive



IMG30115.jpg - 1950




IMG30233.jpg - 1950

Philip, Margaret, Peter, John, Jim Scott and Nora



IMG50077.jpg - 1950

Peter, Margaret, John



IMG50084.jpg - 1950

Note the cute bells on the harness for Margaret



IMG50086.jpg - 1950

Margaret at Filey



IMG50087.jpg - 1950

Peter, Maud and Margaret at Filey



IMG20008.jpg - 1951

Margaret and John at 103 Green Oak Road, Totley



IMG30005.jpg - 1951

Peter, John, Maud, Margaret, Philip



IMG30224.jpg - 1951

In Sykes' Wood at Farnley. Margaret, Maud, Nora, Peter, Jim, John



IMG30247.jpg - 1954

Margaret at the Quadrant, age 7 dressed as a bridesmaid for Madge's wedding. Dress by Maud.



IMG30271.jpg - 1954

Margaret and ??? POSING outside the Methodist Church at Totley Brook. They were attendants to the Queen of May



IMG30291.jpg - 1954

Peter, Maud, John, Philip, Margaret



IMG50088.jpg - 1951

Margaret, John and Peter at Toad's Mouth



IMG30217.jpg - 1952

Philip, Peter, Margaret, Maud, John



IMG30227.jpg - 1952

On Totley Moors. Madge, Margaret, Maud, John, Peter



IMG30269.jpg - 1952 Easter

Peter, Margaret and John in Kent



IMG30285.jpg - 1953

John, Maud, Peter, Philip, Margaret



IMG30289.jpg - 1952?

John, Philip, Margaret, Maud in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30290.jpg - 1952?

John, Philip, in the back garden at 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30294.jpg - 1952

Margaret, Peter and John at Filey



IMG30311.jpg - 1952?

Outside the front door of 103 Green Oak Road, Jennifer Martin, Sheila Martin, John, Vivian Glentworth?, Margaret



IMG30312.jpg - 1952

John and Margaret sheep herding



IMG30314.jpg - 1952

Probably at Northfleet visiting Auntie Madge. Madge, Peter, Philip, John. Maud, Margaret, Sid (Madge's brother)



IMG30317.jpg - 1952 Easter

Margaret, Peter, John. Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) in Kent



IMG30319.jpg - 1953

Margaret and John



IMG30015.jpg - 1954

Peter at back of 103 Green Oak Road. First pair of long trousers



IMG30215.jpg - 1953

Margaret, Peter, Philip and John



IMG30265.jpg - 1953?

Margaret, probably at Toad's Mouth, Derbyshire



IMG30313.jpg - 1953?

Jim, Margaret, John and Nora in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30316.jpg - 1953?

Peter, Maud, Margaret, Philip, John



IMG30318.jpg - 1955

John and Margaret in the front garden at 103 Green Oak Road, John wearing Boys Brigade (Methodist version of Scouts for the Sea) uniforms



IMG30104.jpg - 1954

Join-up card for the Mathodist Association of Youth Clubs (MAYC)



IMG30242.jpg - 1954?

Margaret, John, Philip at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight. The cliffs are hard sand with veins of all colors - wonderful for making sand pictures



IMG30324.jpg - 1955

Margaret, Peter, John in the back garden of 103 Green Oak Road



IMG30330.jpg - 1954?

Peter and John probably outside Beaumaris Castle in Wales



IMG30106.jpg - 1955

The five-a-side football team, David Monks, Terry, Peter, Rodney Andrew, Neil Beeton



IMG30010.jpg - 1955

Soccer at King Ted's - 5th form team



IMG30012.jpg - 1955

School trip to a machine shop in Sheffield



IMG30014.jpg - 1959

John, Margaret, Peter at 44 The Quadrant



IMG30105.jpg - 1955

The football team at the Albert Hall, John Monks, Terry, Peter, Rodney Andrew, Neil Beeton



IMG30207.jpg - 1955

Maud and John showing off his suntan at Deganwy Baths



IMG30296.jpg - 1955

Philip, Keith, John, Maud, Margaret, Peter, Nellie, Joan



IMG30302.jpg - 1959

Margaret's School Photo



IMG30321.jpg - 1957

John, Peter, Maud, Philip, Margaret on the road just outside 44 The Quadrant



IMG50063.jpg - 1955

Maud, John, Margaret and Philip at Stonehenge



IMG20059.jpg - 1956?

Philip ran the local MAYC youth club. We had a five-a-side football tournament and our club represented the North of England in the finals played in the Royal Albert Hall (think Madison Square Gardens). Peter was Goalie.Philip has an overcoat with his back to the camera



IMG30117.jpg - 1956

5-a-side for the MAYC youth club. Peter in goal



IMG30315.jpg - 1956?

John, Peter, Margaret



IMG30326.jpg - 1956?




IMG30107.jpg - 1956



IMG30292.jpg - 1957, May 19th

Peter and girl-friend Janet at her house in Totley



IMG30370.jpg - 1957

Nottingham University when Peter was trying out to get admitted



IMG40004.jpg - 1957

Postcard written by a nervous Peter when testing out for a University Scholarship. It was good enough for entry but not for the scholarship. Eventually there was a scholarship from the City.There were 25 hopefuls for the Maths scholarships, I don't know how many were awarded but there were 120 in the intake for the year. Peter placed 8th in the Finals.



IMG30109.jpg - 1958

Honors Maths class in Quadrangle at Nottingham University. We survived the first year out of a total of 120



IMG30230.jpg - 1958

GT, John in his new school uniform, Florrie, Philip, Margaret, Maud, Peter, Nora



IMG30001.jpg - 1959

Highland Cows on Peter's first trip to Scotland



IMG30011.jpg - 1959

Peter's dorm room at Nottingham University (Cripps Hall Founder Member)



IMG30063.jpg - 1959?

Pub Lunch. The hidden sign says 'Toliets' which were probably outhouses



IMG30078.jpg - 1959

Climbing in the Lake District



IMG30241.jpg - 1960

John outside 44 The Quadrant



IMG30244.jpg - 1960

Margaret and John in the front garden on the Quadrant



IMG30245.jpg - 1960

Margaret in the front garden on the Quadrant



IMG30248.jpg - 1960

John in front on the Quadrant



IMG30304.jpg - 1958

John with Spats - GT's dog



IMG30328.jpg - 1959




IMG20058.jpg - 1960

Peter graduating from Nottingham University



IMG30062.jpg - 1960

Peter, BSc



IMG30075.jpg - 1960

The dining Hall in Cripps Hall, Nottingham University



IMG30092.jpg - 1960

Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees going up to Casteret's Ice Cave



IMG30095.jpg - 1960

Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees going up to Casteret's Ice Cave



IMG30097.jpg - 1960

The French border (at the gap) taken from Casteret's Ice Cave



IMG30100.jpg - 1960

Peter on a BSA B31 going through Tissington Ford in Derbyshire



IMG30102.jpg - 1960

Peter in front of Nottingham University on graduation day



IMG30264.jpg - 1959

A typical summer day on the moors :-). Colin Morgan, Lena Morga, Maud, Margaret, Philip, John, Arthur Morgan



IMG30320.jpg - 1960

Margaret and John in the front garden of 44 The Quadrant



IMG30065.jpg - 1962?

John R Wood's wedding in Sheffield. He was my best pal in senior school



IMG30072.jpg - 1962

Peter's trailer and Austin 6 in Bracknell, and the lanes to get out



IMG30074.jpg - 1962

Christine, camping by Loch Lomond



IMG30079.jpg - 1962

Pub north of Bournemouth



IMG30080.jpg - 1962

Hiking in Dove Dale, Derbyshire



IMG30081.jpg - 1962

Hiking in Dove Dale, Derbyshire



IMG30082.jpg - 1962

Highland Cattle by Loch Lomond



IMG30086.jpg - 1962

More Bracknell Trailer Park



IMG30087.jpg - 1962

Hardrow Force in Yorkshire, Travelling home from the 6-mo job Prestwick



IMG30093.jpg - 1962

More camping on Loch Lomond



IMG30156.jpg - 1964

John and Mal's wedding; Philip, Peter, Maud, Mal's Auntie Connie, Margaret, Nora, Mal, Christine, John, Mal's Grandmother, Mal's brother, Nellie, John's friend Tony Heep, Mal's mother, Frank



IMG30323.jpg - 1960

John outside 44 The Quadrant



IMG30038.jpg - 1963

Christine in Peter's trailer at Bracknell



IMG30039.jpg - 1963

Honeymoon trip - Gibraltar from Spain



IMG30048.jpg - 1963

Honeymoon stopover - the infamous Cuarenta y Tres campground - ask Christine for the story



IMG30056.jpg - 1963

Honeymoon stop on the Costa del Sol



IMG30057.jpg - 1963

Honeymoon stop on the Costa del Sol



IMG30113.jpg - 1963

Christine just got engaged, on the way to Auntie Madge in Northfleet.



IMG30116.jpg - 1963

More - just got engaged



IMG30138.jpg - 1963

Honeymoon melon on the Costa del Sol



IMG30228.jpg - 1963

Nora at her front door. Peter's Austin A40 outside



IMG30067.jpg - 1964

Peter climbing at Portland Bill on the South Coast of England



IMG30068.jpg - 1964?




IMG30085.jpg - 1964

A tough part on Portland Bill



IMG30046.jpg - 1965

IBM trip to the States - Overhang over an Adirondack Lake



IMG30096.jpg - 1965

Lake District Trip



IMG30009.jpg - 1966

Peter's workplace at IBM. During the war the Spitfire fighter was designed here



IMG30047.jpg - 1966

Skiing the Otztal



IMG30055.jpg - 1966

Driving up the Thames Valley. When the bread was gone the swan nearly broke my arm



IMG30033.jpg - 1967

Christine and friend on the patio at the Northwood House



IMG30034.jpg - 1967

At Niagara Falls on the way to Seattle during the emigration trip in December



IMG30037.jpg - 1967

View from the bedroom at Northwood. Each patio is another house!



IMG30040.jpg - 1967

Ski trip to Austria in April - It was hot enough to sunbathe



IMG30054.jpg - 1967

First stopover on the emigration trip



IMG20002.jpg - 1969

Peter, Paul at the black house 16223 NE 2nd, Bellevue



IMG30027.jpg - 1971

Qualification Dive for SCUBA off Alki Point in Seattle



IMG30070.jpg - 1972??

The Queen visits Traquair - John's workshop complete with spurtles. Queen, John, Ishy from left



IMG10051.jpg - 1952

Margaret, Peter (in school uniform at the beach), John at Filey



IMG30019.jpg - 1975?

Bliss at 300 Fawn



IMG20018.jpg - 1972

John Sarah and Ishy - wedding day



IMG20069.jpg - 1977

Outside 44 The Quadrant, Totley. Arnold Toothill. Joyce, Philip, Margaret, Nellie, Margaret's boyfriend, Mary (behind), Jean, Ann, Geoff



IMG30118.jpg - 1982

Peter, Roberta, Kathryn



IMG30137.jpg - 1980

After Peter's big sale to USAA, Peter is next to left, Bob Wheeless (USAA manager) is next to right



IMG30334.jpg - 1981

Peter, team leader for morale-building beach games on Maui - Sales Award trip from Datapoint



photos25.jpg - 1981

Camping to Bastrop County Park. Russ Rudd went too. I believe that is Molly with Kathryn. We all drove up in the brown van we had. It rained/drizzled a lot. We played ARROWS all day long.



photos06.jpg - 1982?

Mark, Paul, Peter, Heidi at 4418 Shavano Woods



IMG30018.jpg - 1982

Wedding with Roberta



IMG30023.jpg - 1982

Peter's wedding, Ruben getting ready to sing at 4323 Shavano Woods Drive



photos13.jpg - 1982

Christmas at 4323 Shavano Woods. Kathryn, Heidi, Peter, Paul?, Mark



IMG30373.jpg - 1988

Margaret's Wedding at Totley Rise Chapel. John, Heidi, Ishy, Kathryn, Chris Dickson, Roberta, Katie, Margaret, Peter, Hannah, Sarah, Rowena, Tess, Mike Agnew (Sarah's husband), Philip, Maud



IMG30383.jpg - 1991

After Maud's funeral. Rufus, Gladys (Chris Dickson's mother), Ken (Chris Dickson's father), Mark, Mike Askew, Rowena, Margaret, Peter, Heidi, Christine, Sarah, Ruben, John, Ishy, Paul, Africa



IMG30387.jpg - 1991

Peter and Paul have breakfast in the living room at 44 The Quadrant



IMG30389.jpg - 1991

Ruben, Christine, Mark, Heidi, Paul, Africa



IMG30391.jpg - 1991

Hannah, John, Mike Askew, Sarah, Rufus, Ishy, Rowena



IMG30392.jpg - 1991

Mark, Peter, Paul, Heidi



IMG30396.jpg - 1991

The funeral cars (Daimlers)



IMG30397.jpg - 1991

There is a large cream bun awaiting the best explanation of this! (Hint, Look very carefully in IMG 30387)



IMG30405.jpg - 1991

Gladys, Chris' mother, Chris, Katie, Margaret, Ken, Chris' father



photos09.jpg - 1983

The promenade at Filey. The Brigg is in the background



photos10.jpg - 1983

Going to dinner at the Maynard Arms in Derbyshire. Roberta, Peter, Mark, Maud



photos11.jpg - 1983

The end of a strenuous hike along the Long Walk at Windsor. Peter and Roberta



photos14.jpg - 1983

Dinner at Maynard Arms in Derbyshire. Philip, Roberta, Maud, Peter



photos15.jpg - 1986

John's surprise 50th Birthday. Margaret, Ishy, Peter, Rufus, Rufus' girlfriend hidden, Hannah, Rowena, Rowena's boyfriend Gus, Ishy's mother, the back of John's head



photos16.jpg - 1983

At Glen Row, Traquair. Rufus John, Maud, Peter, Mark, Roberta, Ishy, Baby Hannah, Sarah's boyfriend, Rowena in front and Sarah



photos18.jpg - 1986

John opening his birthday presents.His biggest surprises were that he had no idea that Margaret and I would be there



photos29.jpg - 1983

Peter at Whitby Abbey



photos31.jpg - 1995?

John and Sarah



photos19.jpg - 1984?

At 4418 Shavano Woods. Heidi, Peter, Steve? Christine, Doug?



IMG30024.jpg - 1984

Peter at 4418 Shavano Woods



IMG30026.jpg - 1984

Peter hiking in Big Bend



photos21.jpg - 1984

4418, Mark, Heidi, Peter, Paul playing Pente with, presumably, Ruben



photos28.jpg - 1984

Peter tries to interfere with Mark's fishing. Peter, Mark, Kathryn



photos17.jpg - 1986

At the Vancouver World Fair. Roberta, Kathryn, Maud, Heidi, Peter



photos20.jpg - 1986

Vancouver. Maud, Heidi, Kathryn, Peter



IMG30181.jpg - 1987

Restaurant in Shilshole, Seattle, Washington. Maud and Peter



IMG30186.jpg - 1987

Hot Tub and back deck - Bellevue



IMG30187.jpg - 1987

Entrance to House in Bellevue



IMG40005.jpg - 1987 Nov 12th

Debbie and Mark



photos26.jpg - 1987

50th wedding anniversary at Tahoe. Philip, Maud, Christine, Margaret, Ruben, Katie, Roberta, Peter



IMG30112.jpg - 1988?




photos07.jpg - 1988

Philip's last visit to the US. Peter, Kathryn, Philip and Maud in Seattle



IMG30365.jpg - 1989?

Peter and Roberta with friends who owned a cabin in the National Forest by Enumclaw



IMG30376.jpg - 1997

Mark, Anthony, Courtney, Kathryn, Hailey, Ishy, Africa, Peter, Margaret, DeeAnn, Christine, Mark, Ruben, Katie, Roberta, Hunter, Hannah, John (the Scottish contingent were visiting as part of a 29th wedding celebration



IMG30022.jpg - 1990?

Peter sitting on the fence near Sedona, Arizona



IMG30121.jpg - 1991

Roberta, Margaret, John framed by sticks to grow beans on at 44 The Quadrant. Probably at Maud's death



photos05.jpg - 1992?

Peter at Farview Point at the end of the road past Bryce Canyon



IMG30337.jpg - 1994

Murder Mystery Dinner. Roberta (left), Peter (right). The other woman was in the play and was brought up only 5 miles from Farnley



IMG20077.jpg - 1995

Peter and Mary



IMG30336.jpg - 1995

Peter showing off a Christmas present



photos27.jpg - 1996?

Obviously a good job very well done



IMG10050.jpg - 1996

Roberta, Caretaker, Mary, Peter. In front of pulpit and organ at Farnley Hill Methodist Chapel



IMG10052.jpg - 1996

Ishy, John, Mary, Peter, Margaret, Roberta in Mary's front room just after we heard about the dog (ask about it!)



IMG30335.jpg - 1996

Roberta and Peter. Heidi behind Peter's neck??



IMG30338.jpg - 1996

Master Bedroom at Lofty Heights



IMG30339.jpg - 1996

Lower Deck at Lofty Heights



IMG30340.jpg - 1996

Middle deck with hot tub at Lofty Heights



IMG30342.jpg - 1996

Barbeque deck at Lofty Heights



IMG30368.jpg - 1996?

Roberta and Peter



IMG20026.jpg - 1997?

Reuben, Courtney, Roberta, Hailey, Anthony and a neighbour



IMG30136.jpg - 1997?

Mark with a girlfriend



IMG30182.jpg - 1997

Driveway from house in Bellevue. Ask Kathryn about HorseTails



IMG30183.jpg - 1997

Roberta, Maud, Peter in Shilshole



IMG30341.jpg - 1997

Anthony and Roberta



IMG30348.jpg - 1997?

Roberta and Courtney



IMG30351.jpg - 1997?

Hailey, Peter, Mark, DeeAnn



IMG50002.jpg - 1987

Golden Wedding in Reno. Katie, Ruben, Margaret, Maud, Philip, Roberta, Peter, Christine.
Gomer Pyle was the comedian and came down to see us. ($50 to the waiter!)He made the mistake of holding the mike near Philip who immediately seized it and went into a comic monologue of his own, upstaging the paid help.



IMG20027.jpg - 1998

Peter and Anthony (ring bearer at Paul's wedding)



IMG30127.jpg - 1998?

Peter, Sherry, Paul, Roberta



IMG30130.jpg - 1998?

After Paul's wedding: Kathryn, Hailey, Roberta, Katie, Margaret, Anthony, Heidi



IMG30131.jpg - 1998?

After Paul's wedding: Peter, Anthony, Paul, Hailey, Roberta, Kathryn



IMG30132.jpg - 1998?

Paul's wedding; Katie, Mark, DeeAnne, Roberta, Magaret, Peter, Hailey, Sherry, Anthony, Paul, Chris, Chris, Heidi, Ruben, Kathryn



IMG30133.jpg - 1998?

Peter, Sherry, Paul



IMG30135.jpg - 1998?




IMG20012.jpg - 1999

Paul and Sherry's Wedding. Back- Mark, Roberta, Peter, Sherry, Paul, Christine, Ruben, Kathryn. Front Row- Katie (Turner) DeeAnne, Margaret, ?, ?, Chris Dickson, Heidi



IMG20013.jpg - 1999

Peter, Roberta at Paul's wedding



IMG20029.jpg - 1999

Paul and Sherry's Wedding. Back- Mark, Roberta, Peter, Sherry, Paul, Christine, Ruben, Kathryn.Front Row- Katie (Turner) DeeAnne, Margaret, ?, ?, Chris Dickson, Heidi



IMG20030.jpg - 1999

Paul's Wedding, Roberta, Peter, Sherry, Paul, Christine, Ruben



IMG30120.jpg - 1999?




IMG30128.jpg - 1999?

Hot tub at Lofty Heights



IMG30129.jpg - 1999?

Shady solitude at Lofty Heights



IMG30343.jpg - 1999

Peter and Anthony at Paul's wedding



IMG30372.jpg - 1997

Turner, DeeAnn, Mark, Margaret, Heidi, Christine, Ruben, Mark walking, Ishy turned around,Peter in the foreground chair



IMG30122.jpg - 1997

Ishy, Peter, Hannah, John in the back garden Lofty Heights



IMG30123.jpg - 1997

Peter, Ishy, Roberta, John in the back garden Lofty Heights



IMG30124.jpg - 2000?

Peter ready for anything.



IMG30125.jpg - 2000?

The decks Peter built at Lofty Heights



IMG30126.jpg - 2000?

The decks Peter built at Lofty Heights



photos03.jpg - 2001

Dinner on Fall Mist. Kate, Heidi, Diane, Martha (friend of Turner), Turner, Chris, Margaret

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