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Edward Hudson Schofield and his Hobby with Tulip Bulbs

The impetus for this page and most of the information is thanks to James Akers who is the archivist of the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society - the same society that Edward Hudson belonged to, and which has now been operating for over 200 years.

Th archive makes specific reference to Edward Hudson here . There are a couple of links to shows that he judged on that page. There is also a link showing he exhibited other flowers such as carnations.

First is the journal for the Royal Horticultural Society 1902-3. In it is a picture of George Edward (Schofield) the tulip named after Edward Hudson Schofield. The coloring is white with purple flames.

It is shown on page 128 of the journal.
For those not familiar with searching for words, there is usually a search button at the top, otherwise CTL-f will get a search box.

Next is the Report of the Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915 . Note the spelling of Scholefield! The reference is half way down - get there with CTL-f searching for george (the search box at the top does not work).

He exhibited in the York Note the search box on the left - put George Edward in quotation marks and press go (that is "George Edward")

He was mentioned as one of the members of a society that was declining (although it has now recovered) in a book by Anna Pavord who was quoting the Wakefield Society Annual Report in 1928 - twenty odd years after his death.Link.

There are several newspaper articles mentioning his activities

link1                     link2                     link3                     link4

Finally, in The Book of the Tulip we have a reference at the bottom of the first page and a description on the next page

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