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Edward Hudson

John Edward

George Turner

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Dear Next Generation,

(Sarah Bridgett, Paul Julian, Gregory Mark, Rufus, Mark Andrew, Pamela Ann, Rowena, Judith Nicole, Heidi, Kathryn Rochelle, Amanda, Katie, Andrew, Hannah.)

We Schofields have been dying off for generations. And being re-born. You are at the point in your lives when the next generation is being born. Here's the story of the last few generations back to your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Titus Schofield.

All family trees are complicated, ours is no different. We're going to follow the main line from Titus to Richard to Richard to David to Richard to Edward Hudson to John Edward to George Turner then branch out to Philip, Frank and Mary and then branch out more to your parents. We'll also look at the Bickerdikes, Prestons, Scotts and Givens who are interwoven by marriages.

To look at a very brief summary of the people involved click here, then click your back button to return to this letter. For a pictorial representation click here, then click your back button to return to this letter.

Most of the history has come from your great grandfather George Turner who was an amateur historian with a big help from Mary, his daughter. Paul has done a tremendous job of scanning, refreshing and retouching the pictures. You will find references to "GT" in various places, this is George Turner Schofield. The earliest four generations I was able to dig out of the files of LDS (Church of the Latter Day Saints aka The Mormons) who have chosen to try to document all family relationships throughout the world. They have microfilm of the Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths records back to the mid 1600s, so I have been able to verify the existence of all the older people in this history. For Richard(3) and his descendants I relied on GT's notes and a website http://www.calverley.info/farn_church.htm which has births etc at the local Church (St, Michael) and the Methodist chapels (Farnley Hill)

Multiply and be Fruitful

Peter Barrie Schofield (1939-????)
Your friendly Scribe and Father or Uncle




Please Help This is a living document. I'll be making changes as we find out more about, for example, our relatives who emigrated to the USA. There's not much in here about the ancestors of our great uncles and aunts - can we increase it? Please mail info to me at peter@schofieldfamily.com

If you want to know how you are related to people, try the following chart: Cousins.

Most of the pictures have several people in them so deciding which chapter to put them is not always easy. They are arranged as follows: If people in the "main line" appear (such as John Edward Schofield) the picture is in the section belonging to the eldest of these. Otherwise the picture is in the section belonging to the eldest of the people in the picture. A few have no recognizable people and they are put into the section that has the context of the picture.

All the pictures have been scanned in (around 100KB each) and are available, along with the text to any of you who want them.

There is an index to all the photos arranged by the date of the picture and another index arranged by the names of the people in them. In the main menu click on "Miscellaneous" and in the next menu click on one of the "Photo Index"s.