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The book is divided into 'chapters', each covering a particular subject, a person or a group of people. The larger pictures in each chapter usually have two versions, a small one in-line so you can recognize it and a large one you get to by clicking on the small one. This makes the pages load a lot faster. For those of you who are technically minded the pictures are usually JPEG format and are named the same in each of the chapters and they are coded. For example, the first picture in a 'chapter' may have a small version "02-01-sm.jpg" and a large one "02-01.jpg"; the second picture may have "02-02-sm.jpg" and "02-02.jpg"

Here's a list of the major players and the chapters, use the panel on the left to click on a link to get to the chapter

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8-greats grandfather Titus Schofield YOUR ROOTS
7-greats grandfather Richard Schofield (1) YOUR ROOTS
6-greats grandfather Richard Schofield (2) YOUR ROOTS
5-greats grandfather David Schofield YOUR ROOTS
4-greats grandfather Richard Schofield (3) YOUR ROOTS
3-greats grandfather Edward Hudson Schofield Edward Hudson
2-greats grandfather John Edward Schofield and his WIFE's ancestors back to 5-greats John Edward
Great grandfather (George) Turner George Turner
Great great uncles and aunts John Edward's children and their descendants except for George Turner John Edward's other children
Grandfather/Great Uncle Philip Edward Philip Edward
Grandfather/Great Uncle (Richard) Frank Richard Frank
Great Aunt (Olive) Mary Olive Mary
Great Grandparents and more Philip's wife's (i.e. Nana's) ancestors Edward HudsonScotts & Given'ss