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John Edward Schofield's Other Children

  1. Ethel Grace (1879-1910) who married William Price.
  2. Cyril Frederick Schofield (1881-1956) who married Helen (Nellie) Hetherington (d. 1963), more below
  3. George Turner Schofield (1883-1963) your Great-Grandfather and the next chapter
  4. John Edward Schofield (1885-1962) who married Alice Ward
  5. Harry Bickerdyke Schofield (1889-1969), more below
  6. Ann (1891- ), more below
  7. Reginald Schofield (1894-1935) who married Joy Chase Carr


John Edward Schofield's children seem to have scattered to the winds. We have some information from George Turner's notes and we also have information from descendants of two of them (Cyril and Harry) who found this website and contacted me by email.

George Turner (3) is really the king-pin of this history - your great grandfather, local historian and the person from whom most of these pictures came, courtesy of Mary, his daughter. He is the subject of Chapter 6 and is referred to as GT or "Turner".

The other children we know lived in Farnley for most of their lives are Harry (5) and Ann (6).

Cyril (2) moved to Huddersfield about 30 miles to the Southwest and, until I received an unexpected email, was not in contact with the family. It is suspected that he had a drinking problem but he was evidently very successful because he lived in a large house and had servants. He was a well respected FreeMason. Eventually he died of kidney stones

Cyril Frederick Schofield (1881-1956) married Helen (Nellie) Hetherington of Stockton(d. Jan 5th,1963)

Nellie Hetherington

Their children were

Myra married Norman Armitage who Cyril considered to be very low class because he was "Lockwood born" - Lockwood being a lower class area of Huddersfield.

She was however to become quite famous as a snooker player (snooker is similar to pool or billiards).

Other press reports of Myra [After you click the link, click the picture to enlarge it]

Harry Bickerdyke Schofield (5) whose middle name came from his mother's maiden name, married Nellie when they were quite young. He was an archtypical "uncle" - my great-uncle. He appeared at Christmas dinners and occasionally during the year. Not really remote, very nice, but not really part of the close family. He went into the insurance business and rose to be a regional manager of Sun Life of Canada in the UK. He worked in various places including Manchester and Reading. Eventually they retired to Oxenholme near Kendal (of Kendal mint-cake fame) and lived in a bungalow.

Michael Barnes is his grandson. He found this web site and made email contact.

Ann Schofield (6) was different. Here's the picture.

When Turner married for the first time, he had twins (Philip and Frank). His wife died in child-birth. Frank lived with, and was looked after by, Turner's mother. Philip lived with, and was looked after, by Turner's sister, Ann. This was a good familial way to solve the problem of a man in his twenties who had a couple of children and probably not much of an idea of how to look after them. He remarried two years later and his new wife took the boys back and restarted the family. For the next twenty years, Ann would not speak to Turner nor have anything to do with the rest of the family. Her daughter, Joyce, and Turners daughter, Mary, were not permitted to be friends.

Eventually, Harry's wife and Ann spent a weekend together and somehow managed to reconcile the problems. Ann, and Arnold her husband, became part of the family again. It was a somewhat strained relationship still, although I, as a small child, did not perceive the strain at the family functions.

Luckily, Mary and Joyce overcame the enforced separation and became best friends, lived a few blocks from each other and saw each other several times a week.

When Ann was married, the family got together for the following photograph.

Wedding of Ann and Arnold Toothill in 1915? 05-01

Arnold is on the front row in his 1914-1918 uniform with Ann on his left. Arnold's father is the man furthest to the left.George Turner is far right with Florrie, his second wife, next to him. The minister is Rev. Charlesworth who also married Maud and Philip in 1937. To his right is Grandma Schofield (Polly) and to her right is Auntie Schofield (Sarah). The two boys at the front are Philip and Frank. The house in the background is Field Side House.