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Nana's Ancestors

So we are now going to traverse back up the family tree from Maud Schofield (nee Scott). She was my mother, married to Philip Edward Schofield.


During the Second World War (1939-1945 using the dates the Britons were involved, not the Americans who were late-comers), Maud moved back in with her mother (Nora) and father (Jim) in Farnley. They lived at 27 Lawns Lane in New Farnley which has now been torn down to make way for a housing estate. However, the whitewashing that used to be inside the old greenhouse can still (2016) be seen on the high wall at the back.

This house was part of an estate that had a large cobbled yard with Nora's house on one side with stables next to it, then the toilet (Yes, Josephine, we walked through the snow, across the yard every time!), then the "big house" and then another house.


Jim was born in 1887, Nora in 1888

Nora's birth certificate 10-21

Nora was a cute kid

Nora at around seven years in 1895 10-22

She grew up!

Nora Givens 10-23

Nora Givens 10-24

Jim was also a nice looking guy

Jim Scott 10-25

Jim Scott 10-26

Here is Nora with Jim's best friend Lawrence Long


Nora began work to earn money. The very first paycheck she got was cashed and she bought a vase. This was on the mantelpiece as I was growing up and is now in my bathroom. It's an inexpensive Victorian Urn with delightful decorations.

Nora and Jim had got married in 1912 on the 14th of September

Marriage Certificate 10-31

Wedding Cake. The top tier was saved, by custom, as the Christening cake of the first child. 10-30

... And Maud was born in 1913 on June 6th. I guess she was a honeymoon baby. They lived in the gatehouse to Farnley Hall which was circular, one story, about twenty feet across. It has been torn down but the outlines can still be seen.


When Maud was born a rather nice poem was written by "Sister Lily" who may have been a relative or a friend at church.

Here is a picture in which Nora appears to have a wedding ring

Jim and Nora at the left with Thomas Givens (Nora's brother) and his wife Emily nee Perkins. 10-28

About eight years later in 1920, Jim and Nora walked "Round Park Wall". This was a sort of tradition that continued until I was a child, and by the looks of the paths is still a tradition. After morning church, all the "kids", not the "mother" who went home to get lunch ready, went for a walk for an hour. A very convenient walk on mainly paved paths was around "Park Wall". This is a six-foot high stone wall that completely surrounds Farnley Hall - about four miles. Lawns Lane forms one side, Farnley Lane another, Green Lane and then a Roman Road complete with charriot tracks, and a very old milepost forms the third, and a flagged path along a farmer's field forms the fourth. It's at the junction of Lawns Lane and the field path that this picture is taken, right outside the round house that Jim and Nora lived in at this time.

At the back we have Sherlock Givens, Nora, Lizzie Ann, ?, Kathleen Best, Wilfrid Best. At the front we have Mary Grayson (Bessie Grayson's elder sister) and Maud Scott (later Schofield, about eight years old). Most of these people are in the family tree. 10-29

Add more photos.

Maud is on the left, then Sid Thompson, Kathleen Checkley, Jim and Nora 10-32

This is John and Mal's wedding at Totley Rise. It's here because Nora is in the photo, but it's also used in John's section. Nora is third from the left in the middle row

10-33. From left to right we have: Philip (Schoey), Peter (me), Maud (Nana), ?, Margaret, Nora, Mal, ?, Christine, John , Dracula!, ?, Nellie Schofield, ?, Mal's mother, Frank Schofield

Jim Scott's ancestry is as follows:

- James Scott was a blacksmith ( b 1828) married to Granny Scott (Rachel H Scott, b 1824)

Their children were

The children of Robinson Scott were:

Jim was the organist and choirmaster at Farnley Hill Methodist Church and started teaching me to play the piano in 1944 at age 5 yrs. with a book of Czerny exercises that I still have. His baton and a presentation plate celebrating his service are still in the family as are lots of his music books.

He worked at Farnley Iron Works as a modeler. No, he didn't show off clothes, he made clay models which were then used to create the products - baths, basins and toilets. He would take his enamelled tin tea can with him to work every morning and walk back for lunch every day.

During the war he was an air-raid warden whose job was to check all the houses to make sure no light was escaping from the windows whic, by law, had to have "black-out blinds". Needed to make sure that the German lanes could not determine where the cities were. He was also responsible for controlling fires when bombs landed. The nearest bomb was across the road in a field, but there were frequent siren alarms from the siren on top of the local school to warn everyone to take cover. We had a bomb shelter in the back yard, but often merely went downstairs and stood under the substantial stone stairway which would withstand anything except a direct hit. I remember at age two or three doing both of these things - I guess it was very scary to the adults and this was transmitted to me.

Nora was part of the Givens family. She was the seventh child of the seventh child which is supposed to give the gift of "seeing". She always seemed to see when I did something wrong!

Her ancestry is as follows:

1- Great-Great-Grandma ?

Nora was the seventh child of a seventh child so we know the number children in the family, but we don't know all the names.

2- Aunt Mary Jane married Sam Perkins as her second husband (don't know the first). They "kept" the Stonebridge Inn.

Aunt Mary Jane Perkins is on the right. The person on the left is Grandma Givens (her given name is Hannah, see below)

3- Minnie (lived in row-house in Lower Wortley just down from Artist's Mount - very mouse-like!)

3- Maggie married Bert Calvert (she was definitely the dominant sister. She lived next to Minnie when I knew them in 1944)

Three pictures of Auntie Maggie (10-101, 10-102, 10-103) with Bert Calvert, her husband below. (10-104)

2- ?

2- ?

2- ?

2- ?

2- ?

2- Hannah (1843- ? , called "Grandma Givens") married Alfred Givens (called "Grandad Givens") and are pictured below (10-14)

They lived in Littlewood Cottage as shown below, probably 1896. The girl is Nora, their youngest, and seventh, child.

Next we have Grandma and Grandad Givens with Nora in about 1904 (10-13) and Grandma with Maud Schofield in 1913. (She wasn't Schofield yet, of course. 10-12)

Their first child was Annie Elizabeth

3- Annie Elizabeth Givens (1868 - ? ) = Thomas Shuttleworth

4- Kathleen Best

5- Sheila

4- Cyril Shuttleworth (1898 - ?). Cyril was a boxer who lived along Cross Lane in Farnley by the little cottages that have been saved as "historic". We have two pictures of Cyril. The first 10-151 is probably in 1902, the second a little later.

5- Olga (I remember her coming back from the war with a Navy uniform)

5- Brenda

3- John William (Willie) Givens was known as a poet. One of his poems is shown below (10-17) along with his picture (10-18). He married Polly. It was her second marriage, the first was to Tommy Furness. Polly is shown below. (10-16) Polly's real name was Mary Jane Bickerdike - sister to Elizabeth Ann Bickerdike who married John Edward Schofield, your great-great-grandfather

4- John Alfred (Born Dec 25 1895)

4- William Herbert (Born May 5 1898)

4- Elizabeth Ann (Betty or Lizzie)is shown next (10-19). (Born Mar 20, 1901)

4- Sherlock, married Mabel, lived on Wolley Avenue in New Farnley. Played chess rather well

5- Barbara

5- Hazel used to baby-sit me!

5- Rita

Sherlock's sister was Evelyn who was quite close to Nora and lived at 8 Forge Row in New Farnley

4- John Willy

3- Tom Givens

4- Willie Givens, married Hilda. He died leaving her with a Ford V8. This was the first car I ever remembering riding in - smooth, fast, frightening!

3- Mary Foster (8 Oct 1875-1886, here's her funeral card)

3- Horace (Born 20 Sept 1883)

3- ?

3- ?

3- Nora Givens (1888- ?) - married Jim Scott